Tripping in Heels: Banish Those Bingo Wings

Nicky Pearson

Posted on July 01 2018

I went out for dinner with my gorgeous bunch of girlfriends.  We all have teenage boys around the same age, which has bonded us over the last few years since the boys have been in a friend group at school.  Us ladies are all in our late 40's, early 50's and we get together every month or so over burgers, salads and glasses of chilled wine and swap stories about the 'Magic of Menopause'...
Banish the Bingo Wings
I think I'm safely the oldest person in the group and my background as a beauty therapist is helpful when the subject turns to anti ageing or body confidence issues.  None of us have stopped caring how we look and we share every hint and tip on how to stay feeling and looking as good as possible for our age and stage in life.
Some of us treat our bodies as a 'leasehold' like me...I don't think too much about how I treat my body but I am happily settled in it, and some of the others who invest in their bodies as if they own them 'freehold' and invest more time and money in the gym, keeping fit, and generally being careful with what they eat.
What we do have in common is what is happening to our bodies right now, the changes taking place and the humor and frustrations with those changes.
One of my gorgeous friends, arrived at the table wearing her cardigan..( in this heat! ). I was surprised as she is the fittest and slimmest in our group, plays sport competitively and watches her diet carefully, no lactose and definitely no 'pigging out'.  I had to ask her if she was cold...not feeling well...the reason for a cardigan in what has to be the hottest UK weather for decades.  
It appears her upper arms were the problem..( we wouldn't have noticed or cared for that matter )..bumpy and the very slightest sign of bingo wings developing.  I was quick to point out that if she is wearing a cardigan at this age then it was quite likely she'd be trapped in cardigans and long sleeves for the next 50 years!  A flipping lifetime of self consciousness!  
Life is too short to panic and cruelly punish ourselves over the changes in our bodies.  I stress to everyone out there to not waste time we don't have beating ourselves up over not being perfect.  Our partners don't care and nor do our friends and families. Confidence is the most attractive thing you can wear :)
But if you really can't abide the changes in your upper arms and you're haunted by the thought of having them described as the dreaded 'bingo wings'  there are some simple things you can do to minimize the 'wobble'.

1. Body Brushing 

We have all read about the effect Body Brushing has on our bum and thighs and this is no different for the upper arms.
Using a body brush to enthusiastically brush from the wrist up to the shoulder in sweeping movements will get rid of dead skin cells, smooth the upper layers of the skin, increase the blood and lymph circulation and help banish the 'dimples'.
Try and do this in your normal bath time routine at least once a day before you bath or shower for approximately 5 minutes on each arm.  Definitely stop if it starts to hurt and be gentle enough to repeat regularly without feeling like you are torturing yourself.  
If you can't manage the full 5 minutes then do a 'little body brushing' as it is better than doing 'none'.

2. Apply 'Cellulite' Busting Creams

These do work!  
It makes no difference if they are targeted at 'bums and thighs', again they will also work for your upper arms. The same rule applies.
Partly because you are massaging the flesh of your upper arms and thereby increasing the blood and lymph circulation and partly because most of these creams include stimulating ingredients to firm and tone the surface of the skin. You will also benefit from the moisturizing and smoothing effect of the nourishing ingredients within the cream.
Again try and apply these creams at least once a day and I always recommend these 'bump busters' are applied after you have bathed or showered for best results.

3. Exercise

You don't have to go crazy and take on more than you can honestly keep going with.  Any gentle exercise is better than inactivity.
For these simple exercises use plastic water bottles half filled with water (with the lids safely back on)  so that you have the added benefit of the water moving within the bottles if you don't have weights.
Exercise 1 - Repeat 10 x
Begin with your arms by your sides and then as slowly as possible lift your arms up until they are shoulder height. Hold for 15 seconds.  As slowly as possible drop them back down to your sides.
Exercise 2 - Repeat 5 x
Begin with your arms by your sides and then as slowly as possible lift your arms until they outstretched at shoulder height.  Rotate in 30 cm circles 10 x forwards and 10 x backwards. As slowly as possible drop them back down to your sides.
Exercise 3 - Repeat 10 x
Bring your arms forward in front of you to shoulder height. Hold for 15 seconds. As slowly as possible drop them back down to your sides.

4. Ultrasonic Massage - Cellusmooth

We have always loved the use of Ultrasonic Waves to help remove fatty deposits from areas of 'Cellulite' or the appearance of 'Orange Peel'.
This works perfectly to mobilise the fatty deposits in your thigh and bum so therefore the same applies for the upper arms.
Simple, painless and effective the Cellusmooth is effective in treating this and other areas of fatty deposits (yup...even your double chin).
Plus the Ultrasonic Waves tone and firm the skin improving it's appearance.
Always use with a conductive gel.
Rotate the Cellusmooth surface in circular movements up the arms and towards the lymph nodes in the armpit area.
Or use slow sweeping movements towards the armpits.
Use for approximately 10 mins per arm.

5. Diet

The following foods are fantastic for helping general health but are also well know for helping nourish and support the body. Try and include them in your diet throughout the week either as a main meal, to accompany a meal, or as a snack:
    Olive Oil
    Chillies and Peppers
    Cayenne Pepper
    Apple Cider
    Sunflower Seeds
    Red and Purple Berries 
    Green Tea
    Dark Chocolate
    * Always drink plenty of water to keep your skin clear and your hydration levels high.
    I would love to know what challenges you may be facing in life and I'll try and use my Beauty expertise and the expertise of experts to help as much as we can.  For more personal advice, hints and tips please write to me with your specific problems and we will write to you privately with our help and advice.  Alternatively please feel free to send in your questions anonymously and we will address the issues in our Blogs going forward. 

    Best Wishes,


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