Review: Inca Rose BB Cream

Morgan Bodington

Posted on July 15 2018

This is one of those magic little products that every woman needs in her makeup drawer! The Inca Rose BB Cream starts as an off white, but as you blend it into your skin it matches your tone exactly. The ability to colour match your exact skin tone and colour comes from these amazing little micro-encapsulated pigments which adapt to your skin…
What is even better is they don’t give you that orange colour associated with bad fake tan, poor quality foundations and in-correct colour matching. As you apply you’ll notice your skin begin to look brighter and more youthful. This is a BB Cream that I really do love and will always recommend to friends that don’t want a high maintenance morning routine, but want to look great throughout the day.
The BB Cream is best applied in small amounts dotted around your face and then blended with a buffing brush to create the best finish and the most natural end result. Your skin is left feeling and looking healthier because of the Hyaluronic Acid which hydrates and smoothes the skin to create a barrier between your skin and the elements. A master of all trades this BB Cream not only makes your skin look younger but it also mattifies shine, perfects skin tone and protects your skin from harmful UV rays during your day to day routine.
There is simply no need to look any further for a product that gives your skin that everyday radiance we all crave…as well as an easy way to perfect and protect! Inca Rose specialise in products that are proven to work, from their skincare to their beauty my beauty drawer always has more than one of their stunning products.

Take Care!


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