Tripping in Heels: Why do I Need a Serum?

Morgan Bodington

Posted on November 04 2018

As a professional Beauty Therapist with over 25 years experience in the Beauty Industry I get asked this question often.
I have added the most asked questions at the end of my Blog and hope that my answers will be helpful in your search for the perfect Serum for your age and stage in life.
We see Serums everywhere, each Brand has their own unique array of Serums and all we seem to know is that they are extremely expensive compared with other Skincare and yet look deceptively simple in the small bottles. We all recognise the need to use a good quality Daily Moisturiser and Eye Cream from our early 20's and the next natural step is to introduce a Night Cream into our routine in our late 20's, early 30's, but why do we need a Serum.
Why do I Need a Serum? Skincare Most Common Questions
Serum's are lower in viscosity, which means they are lighter and more sheer on the skin's surface. They are packed full with nutrients and 'active' ingredients which are able to penetrate deeper into the skin. The ingredients work to fill, seal and lock together the overlapping surface skin cells of the Epidermis making the skin smoother, firmer, plumper and more nourished.
Serum's are like the foundation layer to your skincare and as they are the lighter and more easily absorbed component they should always be applied onto totally clean skin before the next layers of skincare are applied. So always apply your Serum first before applying your Daily Moisturiser or your Night Cream. Normally you will only need between three to five droplets to get an even coverage and allow a couple of minutes for the Serum to be absorbed before you apply your Skin Cream.
We read up about the available options and we see adverts with droppers oozing glossy droplets of clear or tinted liquid, but get daunted by the huge choice and mass of claims made for each one.  Words like Hyaluronic, Nutrient Concentrate, Skin Smoothing, Oil Rich, Argan Oil, Cactus Oil, Bee Venom, Snake Serum, Snail Slime Extract, Orange Extract, Anti Oxidents, Repairing, Boosting, and I could go on and on. They come in Gel, Liquid and Oil formulas depending on the base ingredients within them.
Serums for Acne or Problem Skin
Look for those which contain Vitamin C, Lactic or Salicylic Acid, or Retinol which will help with calming and healing the skin, ensuring increased cell turnover and revealing a clearer and more soothed complexion.
Inca Rose Pure Solutions Vitamins A+C+E+F Serum - Anti Ageing / Firming / Hydrating
Serums for Dehydrated or Dry Skin
Look for Serums which contain high levels of Niacinamide, Ferulic Acid, or the amazing Hyaluronic Acid ( actively hydrating ).  These ingredients will nourish and deeply hydrate the surface of the skin, leaving it visibly brighter and clearer with a smooth and more youthful appearance. Look for an anti ageing Serum which claims to brighten and nourish the skin cells.
Inca Rose Pure Solution Vegetal Stem Cell Serum - Anti Ageing & Rejuvenating    Inca Rose Pure Solutions Collagen Serum - Anti Ageing & Rejuvenating
Serums for Dull or Pigmented Skin
Look for Serums that contain brightening agents and active ingredients which will promote repair and which contain free-radicals.  Look for Serums that contain ingredients which increase cellular regeneration and prevent further pigmentation.
Inca Rose Pure Solutions Vitamins A+C+E+F Serum - Anti Ageing / Firming / Hydrating
Serums for Wrinkles and Deep Lines
Look for Serums that have a deep filler effect.  Look for Serums high in Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Collagen and active ingredients like Algae, Grape, Apple or Cactus Oils, which will help fill out the lines and wrinkles.  Hyaluronic Acid holds and keeps the skin hydrated for longer.
Inca Rose Pure Solutions Hyaluronic Acid Serum - Extreme Hydration
Q. Should I always use the same Serum?
A. I like to recommend that you change your Serum when it finishes, if it happens to be around the same time as the seasons change. This ensures that when your skin changes due to the weather affecting it you have adjusted your Serum to deal with any new needs.  
It also helps to check with a Beauty Specialist or Consultant when your bottle is just at the end to to see if the Serum is right for your skin type or see if there might be something more effective.
Q. Can I use more than one Serum at a time?
A. Yes, if it's one suitable for the Day and one for the Night, but we don't recommend you layer Serums as they can be so rich or effective that the combination of the two could irritate delicate skin.
Q. Which Serum do I choose?
A. Make sure you get a Beauty Consultant or Therapist to assess your skin's condition and explain to you what you require to deal with any problems.  You might be surprised that your skin is dehydrated from lack of water not dry from lack of oil.
Q. What is the Best Brand?
A. There are so many gorgeously effective Branded Serums out there that we can't recommend everyone. We are hugely impressed by the quality of our Inca Rose Range of Serums, which are made in Italy and I absolutely love them.  They contain Hyaluronic Acid and Active Ingredients.
Q. Why are Serums so pricey?
A. Serums are specifically designed to provide a range of active ingredients which are easily absorbed and offer something much more effective than a Daily or Nightly Moisturiser.  They are the essential foundation for skincare. The active ingredients are more expensive to extract from their source and to make suitable for their  higher absorbtion into the Epidermis.  Therefore, they cost more to produce and are worth the investment. 
Q. Are Serums oily?
A. Even if a Serum is produced from an Oil based plant, for example, it is produced in such a way that the Serum soaks into the skin so quickly and is absorbed immediately leaving no oily residue.
Q. When should I apply my Serum?
A. The Serum should be applied before any further skin creams, whether it's a night or day cream.  You only require between three to five drops of Serum.  A little goes a long way.
Please feel free to write in to me to ask any questions you may have about Serums and I will do my best to answer them.

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