Ultrasonic Face & Body Therapy Unit

Ultrasonic Face & Body Therapy Unit


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The Ultrasonic Face and Body Device Unit is an extremely powerful and effective treatment using Ultrasound in the treatment of migraine, arthritis, rheumatic pain, poor circulation and areas of hypersensitivity or extreme tension, when even a manual massage could not be tolerated to relieve discomfort.

The Ultrasonic Therapy Unit emits waves that cause vibrations within the cells, raising the temperature deep within the skin's surface and breaking down the calcified fatty deposits.  It stimulates the release of toxins and waste product out of the cells through the lymphatic nodes.  

Warmth is produced, therefore promoting much needed circulation to tense and painful areas.  It's action unravels the tension within the cells by gently shaking or vibrating them out, like knots in a ball of string.

How it Works

The Ultrasonic Face and Body Therapy Device emits Ultrasonic waves that are at the high frequency waves of 1m Hertz and produce 1 million minute vibrations on the surface of the skin.  These mini massagers can then stimulate the deeper fiber layers beneath the skin, therefore reducing the pain in the desired areas.


  • Effective treatment for pain relief
  • No Vigorous Massaging
  • No Painful Pummelling
  • Painless
  • Easy to use
  • Immediate relief from some conditions

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