Inca Rose BB Cream with SPF 15

Inca Rose BB Cream with SPF 15


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This beautifully flattering and nourishing Inca Rose BB Cream is a superb multi-action perfector. It contains illuminating microspheres for a healthy and natural glow. Deeply hydrating skincare and foundation blended into one simple to use product. The micro-encapsulated pigments are released during application to blend with any complexion for a natural, radiant and healthy finish. 


  • Hyaluronic Acid with high molecular weight provides hydration and protection against the environment and leaves the skin soft and supple.
  • Hyaluronic Acid with low molecular weight penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin providing hydration, improving the skin's elasticity and providing an effective anti-wrinkle action.
  • Oxygen powder which helps keep the skin oxygenated, regenerated and healthy.
  • Licorice Extract which provides a purifying effect, regulating sebum production, helps prevent shine and controls oily skin
  • Ginseng Extract which provides an anti-ageing effect, increasing suppleness, regenerating, firming, toning and hydrating the skin.
  • Diamond microspheres which reflect the light as it hits the skin, making the skin appear more luminous, younger and healthier.


Apply directly to the skin and massage evenly until the BB Cream has blended evenly onto your skin.

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