Cellusmooth - Ultrasonic - Effortless Body Shaping

Cellusmooth - Ultrasonic - Effortless Body Shaping


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The Cellusmooth is a unique and painless 'Home Treatment System' offering a new and effective way of removing Cellulite previously only available through specialist beauty clinics.  

This form of treatment involves the use of 'Ultrasound' waves to mobilise the fatty deposits, improving the skin condition and reducing the 'orange peel' effect of Cellulite in only a few weeks.

Using the Cellusmooth can give your skin a smooth, healthy appearance, leaving you looking good and feeling great.

A perfect solution for helping get rid of 'Bingo Wings' and 'Double Chins' too.

How To Use

Always ensure you use the Cellusmooth with a Conductive Gel which is always easily available from either ourselves or any pharmacist or chemist. 

Apply the contact surface to the area to be treated and rotate in a circular movement up towards the lymph nodes ( see instruction brochure ).

You should start to notice an improvement to the skin texture after two weeks, however for best results we suggest you continue to use regularly for at least eight weeks before switching to a maintenance program of  2 - 3 times per week.


  • Increases Blood and Lymph Circulation
  • Mobilises Fatty Deposits allowing them to exit the body naturally
  • Relaxes tired and aching muscles
  • Gives your skin a smoother and healthier appearance
  • No vigorous massaging
  • No painful pummelling
  • No harsh Body Scrubs
  • Painless

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