Elevate Digital Facial Toner - EMS - Facial Toning

Elevate Digital Facial Toner - EMS - Facial Toning


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You can visibly reduce the signs of ageing with the Elevate Digital Facial Toner - our fantastic digital micro-exerciser.  Tone up flabby chins, saggy jowls and reduce fine lines around the eyes.  This excellent Facial Toner will help you look and feel years younger.

The Elevate uses tiny electronic impulses ( EMS ) to stimulate the small muscles of the face and neck, causing them to contract and relax.  This gentle lifting and toning will firm up and smooth the underlying muscles creating a face lifting effect.

Based on similar Salon Treatments the results are very impressive when the Elevate is used regularly.

How to use 

Ensure you have a water-based moisturiser to ensure the electrical impulses can be transmitted through to the small muscle groups.  Choose the lowest setting to get a muscle contraction and once you can see and feel the muscles moving it is working perfectly.


  • Tones and Firms
  • Helps increase Blood and Lymph Circulation
  • Promotes nourishment of cells
  • Aids the removal of Toxins
  • Visibly tightens specific Muscle Groups
  • Helps you Look and Feel Years Younger

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